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Grace Amey Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI) is an international NGO made up of Women Business Owners with an ethical bias to mitigate the problem of children.

Our Work

To offer theoretical and practical lessons to beneficiaries in beauty therapy & cosmetology

Strategic Goals

To provide skills training to the vulnerable in order to become employable or self-employed

Social Commitment

To provide skills, shelter, knowledge and training for the vulnerable in society.


Assisting children who are vulnerable through empowerment and skills training.

Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI)

GAOFI targets children, young men and women who were unable to further their education to the tertiary level.

The NGO provides programmes for those that are not literate but desirous of acquiring vocational skills:

  • A sizeable number of them through factors enumerated above have no option but to engage in acts of child sex trade
  • A number of them have no means to pursue their education
  • Some of them are unable to pass entrance examinations to pursue full-time studies or secure apprenticeships
  • A lot of the targets are willing to pursue specialist programmes that are more practical oriented

Assist us to implement our specialist outreach programmes to offer our children learning opportunities

National Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Conference (NWECC)

Amongst the myriad of challenges that the women gender face is the entrepreneurial  challenge. Sometimes the most badly hit are the married women with families, who have the herculean task of balancing their entrepreneurial activities with keeping the home.

This balancing act becomes an uphill task due to the already existing problems associated with entrepreneurship such as:

  • Access to start-up or expansion  or pre-finance funds
  • Quality control
  • Turnaround time/Time Management
  • Human resource issues
  • Effective Marketing in the midst of keen competition.
  • Self Development
  • Health and Beauty issues


To offer theoretical and practical lessons to entrepreneurs & businesses


To provide skills training to busines women in order to become self-employed.


To provide direction in access to start-up, expansion or pre-finance funds


Empowering women with the necessary tools & techniques for business success

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